Welcome to C3. Lots to complain about so lets get started.

The most overrated stat in basketball …..rebounds. There was a time when they were contested by both teams. These days you might catch a glimpse of an opposing teams jersey in the corner of your big screen while someone else patiently waits for the ball to drop off the rim. Anyone can do this, hell i have a cat that will keep the ball in bounds for a treat. You could literally lay-down on the court let the ball drop onto your groin and get credit for a rebound. Time for a new stat. Uncontested rebounds. Its not to late Adam Silver you Cone headed looking goofball.

Next on my list is the delay of game penalty in hockey. This is without a doubt the dumbest rule in sports today. It makes no sense to me and nobody can explain it. Why should you get punished for shooting the puck over the glass by accident, Sure i have no issue if you picked the puck up in your hand and threw the fucker over the glass. Its particularly annoying when a team is already short a man and when trying to clear the puck gets dinged with this penalty and is now 2 men short. But gee Tim its a deliberate attempt to stop the game. So is icing the puck and its way more deliberate.It stinks like Flyers goalies on a Saturday afternoon on NBC.  Its a poorly thought out rule and it needs to go.

And finally i give you this gem provided by Jimmy Butler that sums up the Fultz Fiasco


Tim Dombrova is a crusty old goat from Canada.