The origins of WMCJ have been hotly debated by Podcast connoisseurs and lonely housewives since the last time the New York Knicks were relevant.( ok it was 2016 ish and the Knicks  relevancy has been in doubt since the millennium).  No one is sure who met who first but the following is considered canon. ( Thats not a camera or artillery look it up millennials)

Tom Robinson(aka TR SHOCK or TR) is the common link and glue of WMCJ. He and Tim Dombrova( aka the Twisted Canuck) knew each other through a previous podcast and started tossing around ideas for some of TR’s impersonations and around the same time Nate Bush and Tom began discussing an NBA podcast.  The details are to tedious to record  so suffice it to say WMCJ hit the internet on  on Oct 16th  2017.   The initial idea had Nate and Tom covering there favorite teams and the NBA with Tim calling in to provide some comic relief. The show met with some success and downloads were good but it was difficult for TR to make the trip to the studio, drink a few and head home. The boys also wanted to pod more often and this just wasn’t possible at Laffcast as an sound engineer was required. So the decision was  made to move despite the quality of product and the boys selected Blogtalk Radio as there new home….and that’s when things got crazy.

The boys kept recording and people kept listening and soon there wasn’t enough time to get in everything they wanted to say. Another problem was that things weren’t always on topic and so more shows were born. Tim and Tom do a quasi political slash current events show and blast everything and everyone. Its not for the faint of heart but its guaranteed to get a discussion going. Theres been World Cup of Soccer shows , musical trivia shows football and hockey shows … name it we have, will or would do a show on it. We love sports so much we do a picks shows for NCAA and NFL football it really is endless and we love every minute of it.

So these days the format has settled into a groove of WIDE MEN CANT JUMP which is the Flagship show  SUNDAY NIGHT ROUND TABLE which is a free form show about anything  TIM AND TOM ON FOOTBALL which is a picks show for gamblers and WIDE MEN CANT SCORE a show on the NHL. If your brave enough to listen and use your mind you’ll find these guys joke alot but there smart…damn smart. Nate has a degree and is working on a second Tim has a degree owned his own business and Tom is our street smart guy and could do most interesting man in the world commercials.

To sum it up were one big family of joke telling sport loving well educated goof balls who want to entertain you but were gonna do it our way. So if your brave enough to jump on board and test us out lets go. We have a nice back catalog of shows just click away and join the world of The WIDEMEN CANT JUMP RADIO NETWORK. Your brain will thank you and so will your sense of humor and maybe even your wallet. Hope to see you soon !!!!!