Wide Men Can't Jump

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Wide Men Can't Jump

NBA, Sports Talk and Other Cool Shit

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Wide Men Can’t Jump Podcast

Wide Men Can’t Jump is a Podcast for all sports fans, hardcore or casual. The shows attempt to reach all viewers with a mix of facts, opinions, predictions, and humor. The mix of the 3 man network allows Wide Men Can’t Jump ton appeal to a wide audience and take the one year old podcast to new heights and reach 40+ countries around the world. No matter the sport, the topic, or the time of year you will find something on Wide Men Can’t Jump that will keep you engaged




Past Guest Include:

Sean Grande- Boston Celtics Commentator/ WMCJ 2, WMCJ 51 

Josh Petry- Sportsnerdz.com/ WMCJ 3 

Kris Bannon- Bring Back Our Sonics/ WMCJ 4 

Phillip Rossman-Reich- Orlando Magic Daily Podcast/ WMCJ 4, WMCJ 12, WMCJ 31, WMCJ 48 

Joe Piscapia- Fantasy Sports Radio/ WMCJ 4 

Jon Hamm- OKC Thunder for Bleacher Report/ WMCJ 5, WMCJ 35 

Ron Fuller Welch- Pro wrestler and University of Miami/ WMCJ 5 

Kelly Scaletta- Bleacher Report NBA/ WMCJ 6, WMCJ 27, WMCJ 50 

Tony Basillio- Radio Personality/ Sports reporter in Knoxville Tennessee/ WMCJ 6 

Bobby Blaze- Former pro wrestler and Junior college basketball player/ WMCJ 7 

Bruce Prichard- Podcast host, Brother Love in WWF, creative head in WWF/ WMCJ 11 

Keith Pompey- Philadelphia Inquirer writer and 76ers insider/ WMCJ 12, WMCJ 20, WMCJ 46 

Rod Beard- Detroit News Sports Reporter/ WMCJ 14, WMCJ 40 

Jim Petersen- Former NBA player, current Minnesota Timberwolves commentator/ WMCJ 14 

John Karalis- Locked on Celtics host, Boston.com contributor and founded redsarmy.com WMCJ 15, WMCJ 40 

Jeff Garcia- ESPN San Antonio host, hosts Locked on Spurs, San Antonio TV Sports reporter WMCJ 16, WMCJ 35, WMCJ 44, WMCJ 49 

Dave Benz- Minnesota Timberwolves TV Play by Play commentator/ WMCJ 18 

Ian Riccaboni- voice of Ring of Honor/ WMCJ 20 

Neal Scaggs- Director of Basketball Operations at Marshall University/ WMCJ 20 pt 2 

Jeff Jarrett- WWE Hall of Famer and pro wrestling legend, junior college basketball player/ WMCJ 21 

Lance Archer- New Japan Pro Wrestling star half of Killer Elite Squad and former basketball player/ WMCJ 22 

Conrad Thompson- Host of Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard, 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff and What Happened When with Tony Schavonie/ WMCJ 23 

Michael Walton- Bulls reporter from Bulls Confidential and Busting Brackets reporter/ WMCJ 23, WMCJ 46 

Alf- President of #heatwriter and contributor at Miami Heat Beat podcast/ WMCJ 24 

Tom Moore- 76ers writer for Bucks County Courier for 30 years/ WMCJ 25, WMCJ 32, WMCJ 46 

Eric Pincus- BBall Insiders & NBA TV Capologist and Bleacher Report Lakers writer/ WMCJ 25, WMCJ 41 

Dave Johnson- Washington Wizards play by play commentator/ WMCJ 26 

Alan Horton- Minnesota Timberwolves radio commentary announcer/ WMCJ 26, WMCJ 49 

KL Chouinard- writer for Atlanta Hawks and Fox Sports Hawks/ WMCJ 29 

Jonathan Hood- Co-host Dickerson & Hood on ESPN Radio, ESPN Chicago/ WMCJ 30 

Brandon Molleur- contributor at Hoops Provider/ WMCJ 30 

Matt Carey- Liberty Baller 76ers Reporter/ WMCJ 30 

Gerald Bouguet- Lead Suns reporter for Hoops Habit and Fansided Network/ WMCJ 31 

Steven P New- Show Sponsor, licensed attorney and Lakers fan and wrestling fan/ WMCJ 30 

Kory Waldron- contributor at Off The Glass and Full Access Hoops/ WMCJ 32 

Jeff Goodman- Basketball Insider and Reporter/ WMCJ 34 

Stevie Browning- Professional Basketball Player played in Turkey and currently Hungary, former Marshall University player/ WMCJ 34 

Mick Foley- WWE Hall of Famer was in WWF, WCW, ECW. Mankind, Dude Love, Cactus Jack, and big time Lebron James supporter and friends of several NBA players./ NBA Final 2018- Game 1 Wrap Up 

Larry Damron- winner of the NCAA Tournament bracket Pool./ WMCJ 22 

James Holas- Bballbreakdown.com, realballinsiders.com/ WMCJ 35, WMCJ 47 

Robin Lundberg- Sports Illustrated, CBS Sports, ESPN first and last./ WMCJ 36 

Jacob Goldstein- Nylon Calculus and Real Ball Insiders/ WMCJ 36 

Mitchell Moore- Fanly / WMCJ 37 

Jon Krawczynski- AP and Athletic- Wolves Reporter/ WMCJ 37, WMCJ 47 

Bryan Fonseca- Netsdaily.com/ WMCJ 37 

Jason Romano- Former ESPN Radio Personality and Faith Speaker/ WMCJ 38 

Lance Smith- NBA Point Center, former Bleacher Report writer/ WMCJ 39 

Ben Golliver- SI.com/NBA/ WMCJ 39 

TJ McBride- Nuggets Daily Podcast Host, Mile High Sports editor/ WMCJ 41, WMCJ 51 

Chris Walder- NBA News Editor at the Score, former Bleacher Report writer covering Raptors/ WMCJ 42 

Rob Fischer- Memphis Grizzlies sideline reporter and pre/post game host.- WMCJ 42 

Nick Angstadt- Mavericks Podcast host/ WMCJ 43 

Scott Agness- The Athletic for Indiana/ WMCJ 43 

Tracy Murray- Former NBA player, NBA Coach, 1995 NBA champion, Had 50 points in 1 game, Pro player and now UCLA basketball anaylst/WMCJ 44 

Tommy Beer- NBA on NBC analyst and insider for Rotoworld, Basketball Insiders, and Forbes/ WMCJ 45 

Rafe Wong- Kings fanside Blog, A Royal Pain/ WMCJ 47 

Joe “Body Bagz” Pfyer- Professional MMA fighter/ WMCJ 48 

Mike Hardy- NBA Quick Report / WMCJ 49 

Dave Dufour- On the NBA with Dave Dufour/ WMCJ 52 

Mirin Fader- Bleacher Report Writer- WMCJ 53